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Certification Processes

Our primary mission is to facilitate the best practices of industry and translate those technologies into a future UAS regulator framework. As an FAA designated Test Range within the Alaskan Site we can facilitate the applications for Special Airworthiness Certificates, Experimental. This allows responsible UAS operators to move from a restrictive Certificate of Authorization (COA) environment into civil aircraft operations that allow for Research and Development, Crew Training and Market Surveys. Through this process you will work with the PUR crew to take full advantage of our Safety Risk Management Systems, Maturity Evaluation and Testing, Documentation Generation and Personnel Certification.

FAA Section 333


The FAA is taking steps under Section 333 of the FAA Modernization and Reform Act of 2012 (FMRA) to move forward with incremental UAS integration for specific, limited, low-risk civil operations in advance of the small UAS rule. FAA Administrator Michael Huerta has identified this activity as a priority.

UAS that can safely operate in a controlled, low-risk environment may be able to obtain authorization under Section 333. Under the law, FAA will determine if a certification of waiver, certification of authorization, or airworthiness certificate is required to authorize operations. The FAA will be considering operational approvals under Section 333 on a case-by-case basis.

Example Industries that could take advantage of Section 333 of FMRA include:

  • Precision Agriculture
    • Surveillance of crops and livestock
    • Application of fertilizer/pesticides
  • Powerline Inspections
  • Oil and Gas Monitoring
  • Movie Making