Peak 3 Supports an Emergency Accident Response for Fairbanks Police

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30m Accident Scan

Fairbanks, AK – When a fuel truck was struck from behind at a high rate of speed, the Fairbanks Police department called in an Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) team to assist with the collection of forensic evidence from the accident and the potential HazMat situation.  After an emergency Certificate of Authorization (COA) was issued that permitted the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) to take flight, the UAS crew followed the procedures for safe operations that had originated from an extensive First Responders Training Mission earlier this year at the Pan-Pacific Unmanned Aircraft Test Range Complex (PPUTRC).  The First Responders Training Mission included objectives to demonstrate safe operations of small Unmanned Aerial Systems (sUAS) within Class D airspace while also showing First Responder agencies how the vehicles might benefit public safety using a variety of training scenarios.

The UAS team was set up and ready to proceed when the emergency COA came through.  It took the team only 24 minutes from takeoff to ending its flight operations to perform the required accident investigation from the air. The UAS crew included Peter Elstner as the Pilot in Command (PIC) and Brian Prange of Peak 3 as the Visual Observer and Mission Support.  Also in attendance were David Morton and Steven Pansky from the FAA UAS Integration Office to observe flight operations and procedures.  Jay Skaggs, the Alaska Aviation Safety Inspector and Ro Bailey, the Director of PPUTRC were also on hand to oversee operations.

The UAS crew, the Police Department and those in attendance viewed the mission as successful.  Jen Haney, the President of Peak 3 stated that this was another positive example of how UAVs can be beneficial to our daily lives and a great public safety tool inan otherwise unfortunate circumstance.

Peak 3, Inc. is a Veteran-owned, small business, headquartered in Anchorage, AK.  Peak 3 is a multi-faceted Unmanned Aircraft services company that uses their extensive experience across manned and unmanned aviation to provide exceptional operations, logistics, training and program development solutions for their customers.  Find out more about Peak 3 at or @Peak3Inc.  Peak 3 is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Press Release Information:  Laura Hafner, Peak 3 Inc., 603-836-0586

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